Soltron M-55 Race

2004 Soltron M-55 Race Tanning Bed $12,500 This unit is in great condition. Has 2285 total hrs. Current Heraeus Lamps have 92 hrs on them. Bottom acrylic is new and top acrylic is in great shape. Has 46 X 160 W Lamps & 3 X 500 W facials. Has 7 X 25 W shoulder Lamps. Max 12 min tan time. Wired 3-phase 50amp. Can be converted to single-phase.

Unit Year: 2004

Model Make: Soltron

Model Name: M-55 Race

Color: Orange

Max Tan Time: 12 Minute

Has Shoulder Tanners: No

Has Air Conditioning: No

Has Mist System: No

Length (Inches): 92L X 51W

Power Type: Three Phase

Power Requirements: 220V 3 PHASE

Serial Number: 802166

Lamp Hours: 92

Lamp Type: HERAEUS

Total Number x Watts of Unit Lamps: 46 X 160WR

Number x Watts of Facial Lamps: 3

Number x Watts of Shoulder Lamps: 7 X 25W

Condition: Great

Hours: 2,284

$8,995.00 $4,995.00

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