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Tanning Spa & Specialty Lotions

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We think it's important to pamper your skin with spa products and specialty skin products — because you're worth it! At 2nd Sun Tan, we understand that indoor tanning is truly a luxury (albeit a necessary one for some tanning enthusiasts!). Part of maximizing the luxurious experience of indoor tanning is through the use of pampering products that not only improve skin's look and feel, but make you feel special when you use them. Life in today's modern society can be hectic, which is more of a reason to treat yourself to indoor tanning using specialty skin products. The products we offer are designed to beautify and soothe you from head to toe!

One complaint many tanners have is dry, parched skin. Although tanning does dry up excess oil production (making it a good remedy for acne-prone skin), some skin types are naturally dry. Summer and winter are two trying times for skin, due to extreme temperatures and dry air. Combat scaly, flaky skin with intensive moisturizers containing ingredients like shea butter, hemp, and aloe. If you want a product that does double duty, consider a moisturizer like Supre Touch of Summer. This product combines a moisturizing lotion with a gradual self-tanner for a smooth, glowing skin. Using a gradual sunless tanner is a great way to stretch out your tan between sessions.

Maybe you're looking for a product that accelerates the tanning process. We have lots of fabulous tanning accelerators, as well as tingling and warming lotions that boost your tanning sessions. If you're looking for spa products that make great gifts, consider some of our candles and massage oils. One popular choice is the MOC Edible Massage Oil Candle, available in a variety of flavors. Other top spa products we offer include decadent sugar scrubs, skin care products and even indoor tanning products for guys. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, our luxurious range of specialty skin products is sure to delight!