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We serve salon owners, distributors, equipment manufacturers, and public consumers across the globe. BUYERS BENEFIT from the best source for all of your tanning equipment and supply needs. SELLERS BENEFIT from our diverse resources in acquiring and moving your equipment.

Aug 5th

We’ve got answers that will make your tail wag!!!

We have the blueprint for success, with all of the “out of the box” steps to increase sales and boost revenue. The products are called Mstiks and they’re changing the way people see water. They are simple, natural and delicious. Contact us directly for more information. You won’t regret it.

Jun 8th

Cash Flow

By 2nd Sun Tan

What is the difference between a Cash Flow Statement and an Income Statement?
Understanding the difference is the action between liquidity and closure of your business. Continue reading

May 11th

Most owners don’t like the financial side of managing their business. Who wants to wrestle the ins and outs of discounted cash flow, net operating profit, retained earnings or zero-based budgeting?

But in today’s increasingly downsized businesses, you need to be somewhat savvy about financial analysis. Whether it’s tighter inventory control or Continue reading

Apr 24th

Viral Campaigns

By 2nd Sun Tan

Dreaming of a video, tweet, post or Instagram pic that will go viral? HubSpot wrote a great blog about some not so well known companies that went viral with their marketing. Check it out here. It might have your rethinking that dream Ad Campaign.

Feb 20th

When your employee just doesn’t agree with you?

Sometimes the hardest part of a review is when you know the employee doesn’t or isn’t going to agree with your opinion of the goals or objectives. Not only does this make it hard to facilitate change, but it can also make it challenging to rein in your own feelings about it.

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Feb 15th

Our last blog with questions and tools to facilitate the feedback process reaches its next logical step. For many companies this is a long list comprised of sales goals, statistics, DPCs, PTA’s and other acronyms too numerous to mention. Continue reading

Jan 31st

Our previous blog promised questions and tools to facilitate the feedback process in managing your employees. There is Employee feedback and Company feedback to the employee. Today we are going to concentrate on how you can achieve both in the employee review process.

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Jan 24th

Many of my workplace peers dread giving performance reviews and I’m that manager that looks forward to it every year. Yes, you read that correctly, I look forward to it so much that I do it every quarter (don’t freak out and burn the place down)! I am committed in the belief that a company that has a genuine interest in listening to their employees is a very successful company.

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Jan 19th

Facing Your Fears

By 2nd Sun Tan

Fear for many is what pulls the reins back on the “DO IT” and moves it to “MAYBE”. It could be preventing you from buying a new house, moving to a different state, starting a new business or moving your business into a new direction. Continue reading

Jan 10th

In this day and age we simply cannot avoid change. If you’ve been managing the same way you started managing oh so many years ago, then it might be time to rethink your style. Here is a quick look at where we came from and where we are now.

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Summer slow down? Boost revenue w... We’ve got answers that will make your tail wag!!! We have the blueprint for success, with all of the “out of the box” steps to increase sales ...
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