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We serve salon owners, distributors, equipment manufacturers, and public consumers across the globe. BUYERS BENEFIT from the best source for all of your tanning equipment and supply needs. SELLERS BENEFIT from our diverse resources in acquiring and moving your equipment.



How We Professionally Package and Ship a Tanning Bed:

We have fine-tuned this process over the years using only the most trusted shipping services and safely packaging and transporting tanning beds using this very effective method.

1. We start with an oversized custom built pallet that has a completely flat surface. We fully assemble the tanning unit and ensure that no part of the bed is hanging outside the profile of the pallet.

2. We then secure the bed directly to the pallet by bolts or screws to prevent any movement. Blocks are added to keep internal parts from shifting as well.

3. We place foam securely between the canopies and the bench and foam wrap all movable parts.

4. We wrap foam around the entire unit to prevent any scratching if something were to rub against the outside of the unit. Shrink-wrap is added to the entire unit to protect it from the elements and to reduce movement during any bouncing that may occur during transport.

5. We then band the entire unit to the pallet to keep the canopy from bouncing at all during transport. We fully crate the unit in with a custom made cardboard crate that includes a fitted top.

6. Another band is added to the crate and includes do not stack cones, labels for long forks only, and shock protectors to ensure the shipping company is well aware that the load is fragile and requires special care during the loading, shipping and unloading of the bed.

All beds we ship are covered by a purchased shipping insurance that covers any damage that could occur by mishandling from a shipping company. We have 2-3 trusted carriers that do a great job.

Once the unit leaves our location and the routing number forwarded to the buyer, the buyer is responsible for the transaction. The buyer should note any damage to the packaging prior to accepting the item from the freight carrier. In the event of any damage the buyer should notify 2nd Sun Tan and proceed to file a claim against the shipping company. 2nd Sun Tan will assist in all claims. We rarely have issues with damage and have won all claims filed due to our superior packaging process.

View the video below to see our shipping process.

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