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We serve salon owners, distributors, equipment manufacturers, and public consumers across the globe. BUYERS BENEFIT from the best source for all of your tanning equipment and supply needs. SELLERS BENEFIT from our diverse resources in acquiring and moving your equipment.

Tanning Business Consultants

Tanning Business Consultants

Every tanning salon business needs tanning business consultants who will give them advice how to run and manage their business. Although there are a number of consultants to choose from in this industry, there are only a few of them who can deliver what they have promised you — and even fewer still who will take time to know what your pain points are and create custom made solutions for those needs. Finding tanning business consultants who will give you the solution you need is essential for a business owner. If you are just planning to start your tanning business, you need a consultant who will teach you the rudiments of the business — from selecting the ideal site to finding the right equipment within the allotted budget.

On the other hand, if you already have an existing business but want to level-up, you need a consultant who will coach you on how to revive your fledgling salon into a dynamic and vibrant business with superb service.At 2nd Sun Tan, we understand the time and budget constraints of small business owners. That is why we put premium on your time and will not waste it on unproven methods. Instead, our tanning business consultants will sit with you and help you identify the needs, weaknesses, and challenges your business has and create a workable, purposeful solution that grows along with your needs.Aside from the site selection and cost estimation, we will also help you train your staff with the rudiments of business from the customer service to equipment operations.

We will not only be your tanning business consultants, but also your temporary partners who will help you reach your business goals.2nd Sun Tan has an established reputation of specializing in company turnarounds since 2005 and has worked with a number of top tanning salons all over the country. Call us today and we will connect you with a specialist for your free consultation, or you can simply fill out a form and talk to our representative at your most convenient time. 

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